We welcome your material, but please bear in mind we are are (usually) flooded with material. We do review everything, but your visual will stand out if it’s:

  • Instructive: containing a clear, concise and original message; insights from outside (mainstream/orthodox) economics are especially welcomed;
  • Objective: based on facts. Simple as that. A visual might (happen to) contain a political undertone,  but may not solely serve as promotion material for any cause or organisation;
  • Topical: tapping into, perhaps even driving a recent event or debate;
  • Visually compelling: conveying the message effortlessly to the reader;
  • Well-motivated: accompanied by a description explaining why this visual deserved (more) attention;
  • Free to share/ in the public domain (including its source to which we link)

Please  send your visual (JPG, GIF or PNG), along with a description in an email to: paul(at)iconomically(dot)com. Thanks in advance!