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Brazil Is The Most Represented Football Nation In The World

Yesterday, the CIES Football Observatory, a research group within the International Centre for Sports Studies, published a report on global football. The study focused on the amount of expatriates in global football. The figure above shows the results: Brazil is the most represented country in football, with football players playing in 78 out of 93 associations around the world. Both in Europe and Asia, Brazil leads the way in the amount of expatriates, but this is ironically not the case in the Americas, where Argentina has the most expatriates. With population size taken into account, the highest rate of expatriates per million of inhabitants was recorded for Iceland (180). This figure is above 100 only for one other association: Montenegro (134). It is also very high for double world champions Uruguay (96) and Croatia (80). Many other former Yugoslavian countries figure high in the table. According to the report, this reflects the outstanding training ability in this area, as well as the existence of well-established international transfer networks. (source)

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