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The Swiss Job Divide

This graph was made by data journalist Duc-Quang Nguyen and shared on Reddit. The data source is the Swiss Statistical Office. It is part of an article that features many more cool visualisations. The main message seems to be that gender stereotypes are still going strong in Switzerland, though many professions did become more diversified over the past decades. Nguyen mentions that the Swiss labour market is seen as the most discriminatory in Europe in terms of gender equality. (source)

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Gender Pay Gap (UK)

Today is the deadline for companies active in the UK, and who have 250 or more employees, to submit their data on gender pay gap information. As of last week, only half of UK companies required to, had done so. Facebook did publish its figures last Thursday. The average bonuses for female Facebook employees were almost 40% lower than those of their male colleagues, who (slightly) more often get a bonus. Furthermore, Facebook reports a 0.84 percent difference between the genders, which means than women earned 99 pence ($1.39) for every £1 ($1.41) that men received. The graph above, made by the Financial Times, is based on all submitted data as of 2 March. (source)